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Invite Benjamin Franklin - or a Pirate- or a Colonial Blacksmith to your next class or meeting!


These historical persons can educate, motivate, challenge and inspire your audience as re-enactor Lloyd Wheeler entertains and informs them. Dressed in authentic costume, Wheeler lets the past speak to the present as you see and hear these unusual performances.

Did you know that Ben Franklin was a printer - newspaper publisher - book store owner and retailer - almanac publisher - organizer of the first subscription library - promoter of environmental clean up - organizer of one of the earliest franchise systems - first organizer of various civic activities including a hospital, fire department, and fire insurance policy company - inventor of the heat-efficient Franklin stove, bi-focal reading glasses, and much more? He entered politics, helped draft the Declaration of Independence, signed the Constitution, was ambassador to France, and helped prepare a plan for the united colonies more than 20 years before the American Revolution. Franklin can speak to many current-day issues and his words will stimulate and encourage any audience.

The life of the everyday person during the Revolutionary Period comes alive through the person of George Ennis, an itinerant journeyman blacksmith. He traveled around the Colonies and he tells true, little-known stories of that era. See history from the "bottom side."

Pirates are a never-ending fascination to young people and adults alike. Films and books picture a wild, derring-do, swashbuckling life, but what were pirates really like? Listen to Israel Hands, second-in-command under Edward "Blackbeard" Teach. Hear the tale of the "Demise of Blackbeard" by one who was really there.