George Ennis

The colonial Blacksmith has a name. George Ennis is an itinerate, journeyman blacksmith. He has been traveling through out the 13 colonies practicing his trade and witnessing much of the happenings on our journey toward independence.

The colonial blacksmith tells many of the little known true tales of the fight for independence. His tales are of both the great and little heard of people who contributed so much to founding this nation.

George Ennis is the name of my great-grandfather who was a chief engineer on steam-powered paddle-wheel riverboats plying the Ohio River. He raised his family on a farm in western PA near Pittsburg. Born in KY in the mid 19th century, I was honored to have known him. His death was in the early 1960's, he was somewhere over 100 years of age, we are not sure as he would only admit to being over 17.